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Derivative Calculator

Derivative Calculator computes derivatives of a function with respect to given variable using analytical differentiation and displays a step-by-step solution. It allows to draw graphs of the function and its derivatives. Calculator supports derivatives up to 10th order as well as complex functions. Derivatives are computed by parsing the function, applying differentiation rules and simplifying the result.

Steps to use the derivative calculator:

  • Enter function you would like to differentiate and pay attention to the syntax checker tooltip which would inform you if the function is misspelled.
  • Enter differentiation variable if it is different from the deträget value.
  • Select degree of differentiation.
  • Click ‘Compute’ button.
  • Derivative of the function will be computed and displayed on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Show a step by step solution’ if you would like to see the differentiation steps.
  • Click on 'Attract graph' to display graphs of the function and its derivative.

Ordinary errors while using derivative calculator:

  • Expression of the function you would like to differentiate should NOT contain f(x)= part.
  • Guarantee that function depends on the differentiation variable you specified.
  • Guarantee the experession you are differentiating is properly formatted and there is no red error tooltip above the input field.

Show rules of syntax


Derivative Calculator Examples

More derivative examples
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